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Monroe (NY)

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German-American Steuben Parade on Fifth Avenue, NYC (September 21, 2019)
The Amazing Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt (May 12, 2019)
Brooklyn Folk Festival in St. Ann's Church, NYC (April 5-7, 2019)
St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawls in NYC (March 15-17, 2019)
Macy’s Flower Show in in the store on Herald Square, NYC (March 24-April 7, 2019)
Ninth Avenue International Food Festival (May 18-19, 2019)
NYSoM Superhero Sci-Fi Festival (June 22, 2019)
International African Arts Festival at Commodore Barry Park, NYC (July 4-7, 2019)
Summergarden: Free Concerts at Moma, NYC (July 7-28, 2019)
Hump!: Racy Movies at Manhattan/Brooklyn, NYC (March 29-April 6, 2019)

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