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Indigenous People Day Celebration (October 8-9, 2017)
October 8-9, 2017

Indigenous People Day Celebration will be October 8-9, 2017 in Icahn St adium, 20 Randalls Island, New York, NY at 11am-5pm/7am-4pm and this event will Honoring Water  Protectors and preserve rivers, oceans, wind, landscapes in the earth.

- Schedule  of Indigenous People Day Celebration: October 8-9, 2017: Icahn Stadium, 20 Randalls Island, Ne w York, NY: 2 days: 11am-5pm/7am-4pm:
tent campings
Performances with music, song an d dance
Sunrise Ceremony: 7am
spoken word, artists & guest speakers

Free  Event


Sunday, October 8, 2017 11am-5pm
Monday, October 9 , 2017 7am-4pm

20 Randalls Island, New York, NY 10035.
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04-27-2017 03:02:38
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