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Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Exploration­ Abandoned Fort Tilden (June 11-September 17, 2017)
June 11-September 17, 2017

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Exploration­ Abandoned Fort Tilden  will be June 11-September 17, 2017 in Gateway National Recreation Area (Enter Through Heinzel man Rd), 1 Murray Rd, Queens, NY at 2pm-4pm.

- Schedule of Exclusive Behind-the-Sce nes Exploration­ Abandoned Fort Tilden: June 11-September 17, 2017: Gateway National Recreatio n Area (Enter Through Heinzelman Rd), 1 Murray Rd, Queens, NY: 2pm-4pm:
an exclusive expl oration through the abandoned bunkers & batteries of Fort Tilden, a former WWI & WWII U.S. Arm y Coast Artillery Post, and Cold War Nike Missile Installation
* Led by a National Park S ervice Ranger, our private experience will include:
A historical overview of Fort Tilden  throughout the century, and the importance of its Rockaway Peninsula position
A look insi de some of the hidden beachside military bunkers
A NYAC-only visit to Fort Tilden’s large st bunker named Battery Harris East, a historic gun site that once housed 70-foot cannons that  could shoot 2,300-pound shells nearly 25 miles out to sea


Sunday,  June 11, 2017 2pm-4pm
Sunday, July 16, 2017 2pm-4pm
Sunday, Augu st 13, 2017 2pm-4pm
Sunday, September 17, 2017 2pm-4pm

Gateway Nationa l Recreation Area, 1 Murray Road, Queens, NY 11697.
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05-18-2017 09:52:05
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