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New York (NY)

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Chris Thile and Friends: My Love Is in America (March 9, 2019)
NYC Secular Solstice at New York Society for Ethical Culture (December 8, 2018)
Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden (December 7, 2018)
Larchmont Music Academy Concert (March 9, 2019)
Plural+ Youth Video Festival (November 9, 2018)
Winter Rhythms at Urban Stages Theatre (December 11-22, 2018)
American Protégé Winners Recital in Weill Recital Hall, NY (December 15-23, 2018)
Concert Festival Grand Prix Winners Recital (March 10, 2019)
Beatrice Rana, Piano (March 12, 2019)
New York Wind Band Festival (March 13, 2019)

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