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New York (NY)

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Nicholas Payton, Trumpet (March 16, 2019)
Lower East Side Pickle Day in Orchard Street, NYC (October 14, 2018)
Art Slope in Brooklyn, NY (October 12-13, 2018)
The International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC (May 19- 22, 2019)
The New York Coffee Festival (October 12-14, 2018)
The Evening Jazz Cruise Aboard Manhattan in New York, NY (September 9-November 18, 2018)
Harvest Fest & Pumpkin Patch in Queens Botanical Garden, NYC (October 14, 2018)
White Light Festival at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC (October 16-November 18, 2018)
Wine Riot at Brooklyn Expo Center, NYC (November 2-3, 2018)
The Yorkville Nutcracker Ballet in NYC (December 6-9, 2018)

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General Election: Bush vs. Clinton ?
Bush (R)
Clinton (D)

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