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Spokane (WA)

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Orting Summerfest (August 3, 2019)
Noah Kahan at Neumos, Seattle, WA (October 27, 2019)
Proctor Arts Fest at Tacoma, WA (August 3, 2019)
Shelton Days at Kneeland Park, WA (August 3, 2019)
Drayton Harbor Days Street Fair at Blaine, WA (August 3-4, 2019)
The Pineapple Thief w/Gavin Harrison at Neumos, Seattle, WA (December 14, 2019)
Issaquah Farmers Market (August 3-31, 2019)
Kent Farmers Market at Town Square Plaza, WA (August 3-31, 2019)
Auburn Farmers Market at Les Gove Park, WA (August 4-25, 2019)
Mount Saint Helens Bluegrass Festival at Toledo High School, WA (August 9-11, 2019)

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