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Los Angeles (CA)

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Palo Alto Festival of the Arts (August 24-25, 2019)
Lebanon Hanover Band at Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA (December 15-16, 2019)
Monday Mixer: Connect & Unite Music & Art at Strummer's Bar & Grill, CA (May 13-November 25, 2019)
GRIZFOLK & Laura Jean Anderson Bands at Strummer's, Fresno, CA (August 3, 2019)
New Year Party in North Island Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA (December 31, 2019)
Noah Kahan Tour at August Hall, San Francisco, CA (October 30, 2019)
Marc Anthony-STAPLES Center,Los Angeles, CA (September 13, 2019)
KISS Band-STAPLES Center,Los Angeles, CA (September 20, 2019)
Robyn at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco (July 25, 2019)
Hot Chip at Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles, CA (September 27, 2019)

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