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The 7th Annual Clear The Air Film Fest in San Francisco, CA (March 5-April 7, 2018)
March 5-April 7, 2018

The 7th Annual Clear The Air Film Fest in San Francisco, CA will be  March 5-April 7, 2018 in New People Cinema, 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA.

E vent Information:
will show young people’s voices and perspectives
will support ext raordinary young people who have a powerful voice through monetary awards and ongoing support  
Connects young filmmakers with the larger film-making community to ensure that they can c ontinue their work long after the festival is over


Begin: Monday,  March 5, 2018
End: Saturday, April 7, 2018

San Francisco, CA
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12-11-2017 04:58:28
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