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San Antonio (California)

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Sacramento Banana Festival (August 10-11, 2019)
Artwalk Liberty Station at San Diego, CA (August 10-11, 2019)
Farmers Market at Long Beach, CA (September 1-29, 2019)
Kern County Scottish Games & Gathering at Bakersfield, CA (April 6-7, 2019)
Cardiff Dog Days at Encinitas Community Park, CA (August 11, 2019)
Good Old Days Celebration at Pacific Grove, CA (April 6-7, 2019)
Engage Art Fair at Napa County Fairgrounds, Calistoga, CA (April 6-7, 2019)
Carlsbad Art in the Village (August 11, 2019)
Topanga Vintage Market at Pierce College, Los Angeles, CA (August 25, 2019)
Sierra Arts & Crafts Festival Labor Day at Circle Park, Kernville, CA(August 31-September 2, 2019)

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