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Fairfield (CT)

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Norwalk Seaport Association Oyster Festival at Veterans Park, Norwalk, CT (September 6-8, 2019)
Twenty-Fourth Levas Gospel Festival and Fair at Hartford, CT (September 7, 2019)
Redding Arts and Crafts Show (September 28, 2019)
Art at Ives: Juried Fine Art & Crafts Show at Ives Concert Park, Danbury, CT (June 1-2, 2019)
Happy Together Tour in The Garde Arts Center,New London, CT (June 28, 2019)
Alive@Five Summer Concert Series at Columbus Park, Stamford, CT (July 11-August 8, 2019)
Willimantic's Third Thursday Street Fest ( July 18, 2019)
International Festival of Arts & Ideas at New Haven, CT (June 8-22, 2019)
Cheshire Strawberry Festival and Craft Fair (June 8, 2019)
Goshen Stampede (June 14-16, 2019)

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