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Abigail DeVille in Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (March 4-October 28, 2018)
Charles Gaines in Institute of Contemporary Art (March 4-November 4, 2018)
Hélio Oiticica in Institute of Contemporary Art (March 4-November 11, 2018)
Brickell Avenue North Walking Tour in Miami, FL (March 1-December 1, 2018)
House of Blues Local Brews Local Grooves in Lake Buena Vista, FL (January 14-December 30, 2018)
Gables Bike Tour (March 4-December 16, 2018)
The 38th Annual Brooksville Raid Re-enactment (January 20-21, 2018)
Founders Week Fall Celebration in Brooksville, FL (October 13-20, 2018)
The 8th Annual Orlando Pottery Festival (December 8, 2018)
First Fridays at Normandy Fountain (March 2-December 7, 2018)

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