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Seminole (FL)

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Miami Cruise Month (January 1-31, 2019)
The 68th Annual Beaux Arts Festival of Art in Coral Gables, FL (January 12-13, 2019)
Redland Heritage Festival in Fruit and Spice Park, Homestead, FL (January 12-13, 2019)
The 70th Annual Homestead Championship Rodeo (January 18-20, 2019)
Clutter Free Weekend in North Miami Beach, FL (November 9-11, 2018)
Snap Wednesday's by DJ Rico in Hollywood, FL (January 24-October 24, 2018)
The 13th Annual International Chocolate Festival in Coral Gables, FL (January 18-20, 2019)
The Gathering 3 KISS Kruise 8 pre-party at The Hangar in Miami, FL (October 30-31, 2018)
Hero Hype Gaming Expo in Miami, FL (October 20, 2018)
The 16th Annual South Motors Fine Arts Festival in Pinecrest Gardens, FL (January 19-20, 2019)

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