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Seminole (FL)

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Cape Coral Oktoberfest (October 19-28, 2018)
Elton John in Amway Center, Orlando (November 27, 2018)
Strawberry Fest of Clay County in Green Cove Springs, FL (March 2, 2019)
Pensacola Greek Fall Festival (October 12-14, 2018)
Festivals of Speed in Orlando, FL (December 2, 2018)
South Miami Parade of the Elves (December 2, 2018)
Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL, (November 13-27, 2018)
Camping With The Blues in Brooksville, FL (October 19-21, 2018)
The 12th Annual Ybor City Cigar Festival in Tampa, FL (December 2, 2018)
The 7th Annual Miami River Art Fair (December 3-5, 2018)

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