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Brevard (FL)

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Electric Ocean in Orlando, FL (My 26-September 2, 2018)
SeaWorld Just For Kids in Orlando, FL (April 21-May 13, 2018)
4th Of July in Orlando, FL (July 4, 2018)
SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular in Orlando, FL (September 29-October 28, 2018)
South Florida’s Taste of the Nation in Miami, FL (April 27, 2018)
New Year's Eve in Orlando, FL (December 31, 2018)
Lighting of the13th Annual Key West “Harborwalk of Lights” (November 21, 2018)
Delray Beach Craft Beer Fest (May 11, 2018)
Shrimping Eco Tour in Fernandina Beach, FL (June 1-September 1, 2018)
The 12nd Annual Best of the Best Music Fest in Bayfront Park, Miami, FL (May 27, 2018)

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