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Pasco (FL)

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The 2nd Annual Pensacola Beach Kiss Me 5K/10K (February 23, 2019)
Redland Heritage Festival in Fruit and Spice Park, Homestead, FL (January 12-13, 2019)
The 70th Annual Homestead Championship Rodeo (January 18-20, 2019)
Asbury Shorts Film Concert in Vero Beach, FL (February 11, 2019)
Homegrown Florida Temporary Exhibit in Kissimmee, FL (May 1-October 15, 2019)
The 13th Annual International Chocolate Festival in Coral Gables, FL (January 18-20, 2019)
The 17th Annual 5K Race for the Arts and Color Me 4K in West Palm Beach, FL (March 2, 2019)
Wigwood Pool Party & BBQ in Miami Beach, FL (February 3, 2019)
VeritageMiami (February 21-25, 2019)
Miami International Map Fair (February 2-3, 2019)

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