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Pasco (FL)

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The 6th Annual Winter Park Wine & Dine Spring Edition (March 21, 2018)
The 29th Annual Will Mclean Music Festival in Brooksville, FL (March 9-11, 2018)
CADR Grand Premier by Chef Andrea Denisse Rodriguez in Orlando, FL (February 24, 2018)
Beer ‘Merica in Gaston Edward Parks, Orlando, FL (May 19, 2018)
Water Circus I: Gold Unit in Sanford, FL (March 8-11, 2018)
Water Circus I: Gold Unit in Jacksonville, FL (March 15-18, 2018)
Marathon Seafood Festival (March 9-10, 2018)
Reef-A-Palooza in Orlando, FL (April 7-8, 2018)
Lido Beach Fine Art Festival in Sarasota, FL (April 7-8, 2018)
Thornton Park District 2nd Thursday Wine & Art Walk in Orlando, FL (January 11-September 13, 2018)

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