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UnderFit Yoga in Brickell City Centre (March 3-December 29, 2018)
Warrior Flow Yoga in Lincoln Road Shopping District (March 4-December 30, 2018)
St. Petersburg Seafood & Music Festival (March 2-3, 2019)
Exhibit Tour of “Creating the Dream” in Coral Gables, FL (March 4-December 30, 2018)
A Century of Flight: The Story of Aviation in Miami (March 5-December 31, 2018)
North Florida Literacy Festival in Tallahassee, FL (August 17-18, 2018)
The 4th Annual Mount Dora Seafood Festival (August 25-26, 2018)
The 5th Annual Tampa Bay Lobster Festival in Clearwater, FL (August 18-19, 2018)
Tampa Salsa & Bachata Festival (August 30-September 3, 2018)
The 6th annual Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, FL (August 31, September 2, 2018)

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