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Pinellas (FL)

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The 18th Annual Bayfest in Anna Maria Island, FL (October 20, 2018)
The 60th Annual Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival (March 9-10, 2018)
The 12th Annual Florida Wildflower & Garden Festival in DeLand, FL (March 24, 2018)
Volusia County Veterans Day Parade in DeLand, FL (November 10, 2018)
The 26th Annual DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts (November 17-18, 2018)
Wine Women & Chocolate in DeLand, FL (February 14-December 12, 2018)
Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Presents: Symphonie Fantastique (April 28, 2018)
ReptiDay Reptile and Exotic Animal Show in Fort Myers, FL (May 26-October 13, 2018)
Rent in Saenger Theatre, Pensacola, FL (May 30-31, 2018)
SportsAbility - Day 2 in Tallahassee, FL (April 6, 2018)

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open space
flat ground next to a tall tree
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