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Sarasota (FL)

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Winter Springs Festival of the Arts (October 19-20, 2019)
Bowling for Soup + Reel Big Fish-Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL (June 20, 2019)
Seaside Fiesta at Flagler Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL (June 21, 2019)
Slippery When Wet – The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute Band (June 21, 2019)
Yacht Rock Revue at Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL (June 27, 2019)
Watermelon Fest at Clay County Fairgrounds, Green Cove Springs, FL (June 22-23, 2019)
Citizen Cope at Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL (June 28, 2019)
Here Come the Mummies-Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL (October 31, 2019)
Boca Burger Battle, a Grilling Affair! at Sanborn Square Park, Boca Raton, FL (July 13, 2019)
Friday Fest at City Hall, Cape Canaveral, FL (August 2, 2019)

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