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Sarasota (FL)

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The 10th Annual GMSH Tour in Orlando, FL (April 1-2, 2018)
The 68th Annual Bradford County Fair in Starke, FL (March 6-11, 2018)
Sarasota Jazz Festival (March 7-10, 2018)
South Florida Pet Expo in West Palm Beach, FL (April 21-22, 2018)
The 25th Annual WJRR Earthday Birthday in Orlando, FL (April 21, 2018)
Musical Echoes Native American Flute Festival in Fort Walton Beach, FL (April 20-22, 2018)
Little Women The Musical in Bradenton, FL (March 22-April 8, 2018)
Dr Dog in Orlando, FL (Apri 13, 2018)
Florida Classic Football - Florida AM v Bethune Cookman in Orlando (November 17, 2018)
New Music Miami ISCM Festival in Miami Beach, FL(February 7-April 11, 2018)

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