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Madison (IL)

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Will County Fair in Peotone, IL (August 22-26, 2018)
Bureau County Fair in Princeton, IL (August 22-26, 2018)
Rosemont Comic Con (August 23-26, 2018)
Taste of Highland Park (August 24-26, 2018)
Urbana Sweetcorn Festival (August 24-25, 2018)
Taste of Greektown in Chicago, IL (August 24-26, 2018)
The 148th Annual Rock Island County Fair in East Moline, IL (July 17-21, 2018)
Iroquois County 4-H and Agricultural Fair Crescent City, IL (July 18-23, 2018)
The 44th Annual Oak Park Arts and Crafts Show (August 25-26, 2018)
Summer Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories Show in Rosemont, IL (July 19-22, 2018)

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