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American Jewish Poetry in Evanston, IL (April 18-25, 2018)
April 18-25, 2018

American Jewish Poetry in Evanston, IL will be April 18-25, 2018 in Jew ish Reconstructionist Congregation, 303 Dodge Avenue, Evanston, IL at 7:30pm-9pm.

A bout the Instructors: Elizabeth Klein Shapiro is an award winning novelist, essayist and poet  
She is the winner of several Illinois Arts Council fellowships and a recipient of two IAC  Literary Awards
Michael Shapiro is a retired professor of English at the University of I llinois at Urbana
He has taught at Reading (England), Cornell, Tamkang (Taiwan) and Loyol a (Chicago)


Begin: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
End: Wednesday,  April 25, 2018

Evanston, IL
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12-13-2017 04:54:45
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