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Music to Commemorate Illinois' Bicentennial (October 21, 2018)
October 21, 2018

From Prairie to Farm to City: Music to Commemorate Illinois' Bicentennia l (IL Bicentennial Speaker Series) will be October 21, 2018 in Illinois State Museum, 502 S. S pring St. Springfield, IL at 2pm-4pm.

Event Description:
The music performed b y singer and hammered dulcimer player Phil Passen reflects the story of Illinois, which has be en shaped not only by its land and natural features – the prairies, lakes, and rivers – but al so by the many cultures that have flourished here: those of Native Americans, French, Germans,  African Americans, Latin Americans and numerous others.


Sunday, Oc tober 21, 2018

Illinois, IL
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06-08-2018 03:41:29
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