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Chicago (Illinois)

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Mama Zoey and Puppies Bike Run and Vendor Event in Romeoville, IL (August 18, 2018)
Summer Home and Farm Artisan Market in Rock Falls, IL (July 21-August 18, 2018)
Summer Market Bazaar in Arthur, IL (August 18, 2018)
Carlinville Market Days (August 4-September 1, 2018)
Wheaton First Saturday All-Animal Expo (August 4, 2018)
Summer Ending Selling Event in Bloomington, IL (August 4-5, 2018)
Ottawa Riverfest (August 4-5, 2018)
Craft Show in Rock Falls, IL (August 4, 2018)
Summer Girls Day Out in Mundelein, IL (August 5, 2018)
Glenview Summer Art Fair (July 28-August 26, 2018)

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