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Chicago (Illinois)

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The 34th Annual Pinball Expo at The Westin, Wheeling, IL (October 17-20, 2018)
Chocolate, Wine & Spirits Expo at Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium, IL (March 9-10, 2019)
Chicago Flower & Garden Show at Navy Pier, IL (March 20-24, 2019)
Quilt Festival Chicago in Rosemont, IL (March 28-30, 2019)
Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place, IL (March 22-24, 2019)
Custer Fair at Main Street and Chicago Avenue, IL (June 15-16, 2019)
The 12th Annual Chicago Latino Music Festival (October 17-November 18, 2018)
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at Hilton Chicago, IL (March 15, 2019)
Chicagoland Family Pet Expo at Arlington Park Racetrack, IL (March 15-17, 2019)
CineKink Chicago at Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, IL (November 16-17, 2018)

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