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Chicago (Illinois)

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Q-Fest Arts Festival at Washington Park, Quincy, IL (June 28-30, 2019)
Art Spectacular-Juried Fine Art Fair at Washington Park, Springfield, IL (September 14-15, 2019)
Beachfest at Round Lake Beach, IL (June 28-30, 2019)
Randolph Street Market at Plumbers Union Hall, Chicago, IL (June 29-30, 2019)
Dwight Harvest Days at Downtown & Renfrew Park, IL (September 19-22, 2019)
Art on the Prairie at Warrenville City Hall Complex, IL (September 21-22, 2019)
McHs Fall Festival at Macoupin County Historical Society, Carlinville, IL (September 21-22, 2019)
Fall Fest at Mount Vernon, IL (September 27-29, 2019)
The 23rd Annual Art in Wilder Park, Elmhurst, IL (May 4-5, 2019)
Randolph Street Market at Beaux Arts Plumbers Hall, Chicago, IL (March 30-31, 2019)

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