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Sedgwick (KS)

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St. Anne Festival Wichita, KS (September 21-23, 2018)
Electronic Music Midwest in Kansas City, KS (October 11-13, 2018)
The 6th Annual Konquer the Konza 25K & 10K in Manhattan, KS (September 23, 2018)
Old Town 10K Run in Wichita, KS (September 23, 2018)
The 27th Annual Race Against Breast Cancer Pink Out Color Fun Run Topeka, KS (September 28, 2018)
FlatRock 50K/25K Ultra Trail Race in Independence, KS (September 29, 2018)
Oktoberfest Run for the Poor 5K in Wichita, KS (September 29, 2018)
Park2Park Run: 7.5M, 5K run &kids run in Roeland Park, KS (September 29, 2018)
Race to the Center Half Marathon: 13.1Mile Run in Lebanon, KS (September 29, 2018)
Triple Trot: 5K, Dog & Jog & Kids Fun Run in Leavenworth, KS (September 29, 2018)

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open space
flat ground next to a tall tree
metal objects

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