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Fayette (KY)

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Laurel County Fair in London, KY (July 12-14, 2019)
Hardin County Fair & Horse Show in Glendale, KY (July 8-13, 2019)
The 29th Annual Carter County Shriners Bluegrass Festival in Olive Hill, KY (July 11-13, 2019)
Sun Valley Bluegrass Festival in Alexandria, KY (July 13, 2019)
Master Musicians Festival in Somserset, KY (June 12-13, 2019)
Whippoorwill Festival in Beattyville, KY (July 12-14, 2019)
Forecastle in Louisville, KY (July 12-14, 2019)
The 11th Annual Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, KY (July 12-14, 2019)
The 38th Annual Berea Craft Festival in Louisville, KY (July 12-14, 2019)
Harry Dean Stanton Fest in Lexington, KY (July 12-14, 2019)

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