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Hennepin (MN)

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Minnesota Pottery Festival in Hutchinson, MN (July 27-28, 2019)
An Arts & Crafts Affair in Shakopee, MN (April 5-7, 2019)
Loring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis, MN (July 27-28, 2019)
Minnesota Spartan Race Spartan Sprint (June 22-23, 2019)
Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Festival in Minneapolis, MN (July 31, 2019)
WE Fest Country Music Festival in Detroit Lakes, MN (August 1-3, 2019)
Minnesota Fringe Festival in Minneapolis, MN (August 1-11, 2019)
The 56th Annual Uptown Art Fair in Uptown Minneapolis, Minnesota, MN (August 2-4, 2019)
The 56th Annual Scott Carver Threshers Old-Time Harvest Steam & Gas Engine Festival (August 2-4, 2019)
Little Canada Canadian Days in MN (August 2-4, 2019)

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