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Ramsey (MN)

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James J. Hill Days Lake Street, Wayzata, MN (September 6-8, 2019)
Hutchinson Arts and Crafts Festival at Library Square, MN (September 13-14, 2019)
Country Faire at Steeple Center, Rosemount, MN (September 21, 2019)
Lakeville Art Festival (September 21-22, 2019)
Dozinky: a Czech Harvest Festival Main Street, New Prague, MN (September 21-22, 2019)
Afton Art Fair (September 28-29, 2019)
Rivertown Fall Art Festival Lowell Park, Stillwater, MN (October 5-6, 2019)
Minneapolis Gift & Art Expo (November 1-3, 2019)
Blaine Festival in MN (June 29, 2019)
Autumn Festival, An Arts & Crafts Affair at Shakopee, MN (November 14-17, 2019)

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