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Dakota (MN)

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Night Nation Run in St. Paul, MN (July 13, 2019)
MN Waldorf School North American Roots Music Festival in St Paul, MN (July 13, 2019)
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest in Minneapolis, MN (July 6, 2019)
Michelle Obama in Xcel Energy Centre, Saint Paul, Minnesota, MN (March 13, 2019)
Puppeteers of America National Puppetry Festival in Saint Paul, MN (July 16-21, 2019)
Moondance Jam in Walker, MN (July 18-20, 2019)
X Games in Minneapolis, MN (July 18-21, 2019)
Street Machine Nationals in Saint Paul, MN (July 19-21, 2019)
SubOctave Music Festival in Houston, MN (July 18-20, 2019)
MN Scottish Fair & Highland Games in Eagan (July 20, 2019)

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