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Douglas (NE)

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Relief Sale and Quilt Auction Hamilton County Fairgrounds, Aurora, NE (April 5-6, 2019)
Ragtime to Riches Festival First Central Congregational Church, Omaha, NE (July 14, 2019)
Adams County Fairfest at Hastings, NE (July 17-21, 2019)
Dawson County Fair at Lexington, NE (July 17-21, 2019)
Red Willow County Fair at Mccook, NE (July 24-28, 2019)
Pierce County Fair (August 1-4, 2019)
Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival Leo Royal Park, Gretna, NE (August 9-10, 2019)
Summer Fair Wessels at Living History Farm, York, NE (August 10, 2019)
Pillage the Village at Manley Community Park, NE (August 17, 2019)
Midwest Pirate Fest Bellevue Berry Farm & Pumpkin Ranch, Papillion, NE (August 24-25, 2019)

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