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The 27th Annual Bergen County BergenFest in East Rutherford, NJ (October 4, 2018)
The 9th Annual Sussex County Harvest, Honey, & Garlic Festival (October 6, 2018)
Walk to Defeat ALS in Bridgewater, NJ (October 6, 2018)
The 16th Annual Hightstown Hometown Harvest Fair (October 6, 2018)
The 35th Annual Trenton Irish Music Festival (October 6-7, 2018)
Pumpkin Patch at River Edge (October 6-31, 2018)
The 4th Annual Rock Allegiance in Camden, NJ (October 6, 2018)
The 29th Annual Bordentown Cranberry Fest (October 6-7, 2018)
The 5th Annual Atlantic City Comedy Festival (October 6-7, 2018)
The 16th Annual Collingswood Book Festival (October 6, 2018)

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