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Lorain (OH)

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Warm Up Columbus in Dublin, OH (February 17, 2019)
Lakewood Summer Meltdown (July 13, 2019)
India Food Fair Cleveland in Macedonia, OH (July 13, 2019)
#Fest in Athens, OH (April 19-20, 2019)
Akron Three Stooges Film Festival in Canton Palace Theatre, OH (April 19, 2019)
Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest (April 27-28, 2019)
Ramp Up Peninsula (April 27, 2019)
Whitehouse Cherry Fest (June 6-8, 2019)
Arnold Indoor Triathlon Championships in Columbus, OH (March 2, 2019)
Mansfield OH parkrun (March 2-December 28, 2019)

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open space
flat ground next to a tall tree
metal objects

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