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Butler (OH)

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Nelson Ledges Quarry Park Spring Badfish in Garrettsville, OH (June 7-9, 2019)
Cuyahoga Falls Riverfront Irish Festival (June 8-10, 2019)
Ashtabula Uncork'd WineFest (Aug 23-24, 2019)
Cleveland Garlic Festival (August 24-25, 2019)
Boardman Rotary Pancake Breakfast in Youngstown, OH (March 16-17, 2019)
Lebanon Country Music Fest in OH (June 8, 2019)
Akron Art Museum Spark Family Film Fest (Mach 17, 2019)
Columbus International Film + Animation Festival (March 21-23, 2019)
Assumption Church Chilifest in Cincinnati, OH (March 23, 2019)
Blue Ash SummitFest in OH (June 8, 2019)

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Where is the safest place to stand outside in a thunderstorm ?
open space
flat ground next to a tall tree
metal objects

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