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Multnomah (OR)

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Oregon's Alpenfest (September 27-30, 2018)
Portland Creative Conference in Gerding Theater at the Armory, Portland, OR (September 27-30, 2018)
Portland Fresh Hops Fest (September 28-29, 2018)
Portland Juggling Festival (September 28-30, 2018)
Oregon International Air Show (September 28-30, 2018)
Pacific Northwest Brew Cup in Astoria, Oregon, OR (September 28-30, 2018)
The 3rd Annual Rose City PhotoFair in Portland, OR (September 29, 2018)
The 3rd Annual Brazilian Day Festival in Portland, OR (September 15, 2018)
Halloween Fantasy Trail in Oregon City, OR (October 1-30, 2018)
Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie, OR (October 1-31, 2018)

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open space
flat ground next to a tall tree
metal objects

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