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Allegheny (PA)

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Trombone Christmas in Philadelphia, PA (December 15, 2018)
Winter Festival on North 5th Street in Philadelphia, PA (December 15, 2018)
Ugly Sweater Run in Philadelphia, PA (December 15, 2018)
Empty the House Opera Philadelphia (May 2-5, 2019)
Allentown Paper Show (Apirl 20-21, 2019)
La Bohème Opera Philladelphia, PA (April 26-May 5, 2019)
The 9th Annual Peepsfest 5K in Bethlehem, PA (December 31, 2018)
Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour US in Pittsburgh, PA (April 6-7, 2019)
Burning Bridges Festival in Pittsburgh, PA (April 10-14, 2019)
My Area Yoga Namas Day in Philadelphia, PA (April 20, 2019)

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