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Lancaster (PA)

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Perkasie Farmer's Market (June 1-29, 2019)
Long's Park Art Festival at Lancaster, PA (August 30-September 1, 2019)
Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts Labor Day Festival at Greensburg, PA (August 30-September 2, 2019)
Heart of Lancaster County Arts and Crafts Show at Manheim, PA (August 31-September 1, 2019)
Forest Hills Labor Day Festival at Saint Michael, PA (August 31-September 2, 2019)
York Fair-Americas' First Fair (September 6-15, 2019)
Southern Culture on the Skids-Thunderbird Café & Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA (September 27, 2019)
Three Rivers Arts Festival at Pittsburgh, PA (June 7-16, 2019)
Lake Latonka Fall Festival at Mercer, PA (September 7, 2019)
The September HBG Flea at Harrisburg, PA (September 7, 2019)

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