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Philadelphia (PA)

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The 38th Annual Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival (November 3-18, 2018)
HUMP! Film Festival in Pittsburgh, PA (March 8-9, 2019)
The 38th Annual Endless Mountains Maple Festival in Troy, PA (April 27-28, 2019)
Art All Night Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, PA (April 27-28, 2019)
The 6th Annual Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival (February 22-24, 2019)
Berks County Eggstravaganza in Reading, PA (March 23, 2019)
The Found Footage Festival in Philadelphia, PA (March 9, 2019)
Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmaker Festival in Bethlehem, PA (April 27,2019)
Go West! Craft Fest in Philadelphia, PA (October 6, 2018-April 27, 2019)
The Joy of Cookies Cookie Tour in Pittsburgh, PA (November 30-December 2, 2018)

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