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Nueces (TX)

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The Annual Lighting of the Square in Georgetown, TX (November 23, 2018)
First Saturday Craft & Vendor Market in Pasadena, TX (September 1, 2018)
Ford Holiday River Parade in San Antonio, TX (November 23, 2018)
Chicks with Hits- Country Music Artists in Crockett, TX (August 1-September 28, 2018)
The 23rd Annual Margarita and Salsa Festival in Waco, TX (August 25, 2018)
The 13th Annual Fishing for Hope Tournament in South Padre Island, TX (August 25, 2018)
The 24th Annual Sorghum Festival in Homestead Heritage, Waco, TX (September 3, 2018)
The 31st Annual Homestead Fair Waco, TX (November 23-24, 2018)
BBQ Cookoff & Family Fun Festival in Junction, TX (September 1, 2018)
West Texas Fair & Rodeo in Taylor County Expo Center in Abilene, TX (September 7-15, 2018)

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