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Houston (Texas)

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Frost Fest in Cimarron Park, Irving, TX (January 26, 2019)
HERPS Exotic Reptile and Pet Show in Dripping Springs, TX (December 8-9, 2018)
Taste of Irving (May 18, 2019)
Repticon Reptile and Exotic Animal Convention in Pasadena, TX (December 29-30, 2018)
Canal Fest in Irving, TX (June 8, 2019)
HONK!TX Free Community Street Band Festival in Austin, TX (April 5-7, 2019)
Galveston Island Wine Festival (April 26-27, 2019)
The Gift of Christmas featuring The Living Nativity in Plano, TX (December 8-16, 2018)
A Stitch in Time in Barrington Living History Farm, Washington, TX (December 29-30, 2018)
Russian National Ballet-Cinderella in Crockett Civic Center, TX (February 17, 2018)

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